Current User Info - Issues on Safari + Not loading fast enough


This is a fantastic feature but I’m running into 2 issues.
I’m using this feature in conjuction with finsweet’s CMS filter CMS Filter for Webflow - No-code using Attributes so that I can call user info and then use it to filter a CMS collection.

However, on Safari it’s not calling the user data at all. I have it binded to a text field which is a checkbox label.

It’s also not loading fast enough, which means the CMS collection is filtering BEFORE the filter has been binded to the user’s info. I’ve tried adding the binding code to the header so it loads first but this hasn’t helped.

Any suggestions?

My only idea is adjusting the CMS filter script so it loads slower. But not sure how to write the code needed for that.

Read only link: Webflow - blank™

Hi, I am working on a project that have similarity with yours. The filter will always load faster… what I did was using a loading page, where I get the User info, then transform the Email into an slug (previously use the email as Slug for CMS collection).

And not using filter, just the collection pages.

Thanks @skyrocketnz

Do you mean it’s not calling the callback function at all on Safari?
I haven’t had the resources or tooling to properly test on Safari, so it’s possible there’s an incompatibility- however it should work fine for the basic tier 1 level of data. It’s retrieving the custom user fields (tier 2 data) which is more complex and may have browser issues.

The reason is that the information has to be obtained through an IFRAME query mechanism, and some special code to detect when the information becomes present. It’s like pulling a planet through a wormhole, but works elegantly on Chrome.

The first load will be slow as it has to assemble data from multiple sources, including other parts of your site. What you can probably do instead is trigger the filter to re-apply after the data is loaded.

For that a simple click event on the filter button should do the trick, I haven’t had any luck finding deeper API docs for the FS toolset ( triggers, callbacks, API methods ). They only appear to publish the attributes-level config info.

Hi Miguel,

Just a caution on that- if the email address is visible in your slugs than its visible to users. It may also be visible in your sitemap.xml, and in your search engine results. Make sure you lock those down.

If you don’t need the email specifically but just need to be able to ident the user uniquely, that’s what the alt_id is for, you may be able to use that instead.