User information does not come up on the first time a user logs in

I’m not sure if this is a known error at all, but getting logged in user info on the first time they log in does not work.

If my users log out and then log back in, that’s when it starts to work again.

Is there anything I could add in terms of a script that would kickstart that information for the first log in?

Here’s a read-only if you wanted to take a closer look: Webflow - Plymouth City Council Climate Change Impact Assessment Tool

I’m removing the read-only since I’ve come up with a fix for now.

The issue I was having was when I bind the text into a field to filter a CMS, the bind was not flagging as anything going in. So I’ve used the bind on a text block elsewhere and then added a script to copy that text into the field on an interval of 500ms.

It isn’t pretty but it works!

Ha yes. First, user info should definitely load on the first login. A common mistake devs make is to enable the library, while a user is logged in. That user needs to log out and log in again, so that the library’s UserInfo builder can run.

But that’s a narrow case that only affects the initial implementation testing.

For your filter field, script-set input elements don’t trigger the change events, which is something I fight with often using Finsweet’s CMS filter, with things like Date Picker components. They set the date field but that does not register as a data change to FS Filter. It sounds like you’ve found a very workable solution.