Bind User Alt Id to Filter custom field on collection list

Can’t seem to sort out how to bind user alt id to a custom field on blog post collection that stores the user alt id of user that created the post. Trying to avoid having to use finsweet for this if possible since it seem fairly straight forward. Appreciate any advice on this approach.

Hi Ryan,

The binding is easy, but remember it happens after page load. You mentioned finsweet - are you trying to filter the list to the current user?

More or less, that’s the approach you’d need to take. Webflow does not have any ability to dynamically filter collection lists, and that’s an issue once you exceed 100 items.

Typically I build these types of solutions custom for clients, there isn’t much tooling that can do this for you.

If you’re trying to build some kind of UX that allows Bob to log in, and see/manage articles Bob has written, you are probably going down the wrong path. Webflow doesn’t have this kind of capability, and it would take a lot of work to build those layers decently. I’ve done this. It’s not fun.

You might consider pivoting to Wized if that’s your goal.

Thank you, I made it work with finsweet but sort of regret going down this path just to stand up something quickly. I should have known better =)

Like you mentioned this is something I’ll probably end up rewriting from scratch with collection of services for each specific need.

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