Using SA5 Memberships to Filter a Collection List in Webflow

Hello, I’m attempting to use SA5 Memberships to filter a collection list on Webflow based on the currently logged-in user. It seems to work, but the user must refresh the page for the user data to be applied in the filter. It appears the filter is executed before the user data becomes available. Here’s a video explaining the issue.

Video Sygnal 5 Membership


  1. How can user data be immediately utilized with the filter?

  2. Is it possible to use user data (such as name, email, or ID) directly as a variable in the value of a native Webflow CMS filter (which would be much simpler)?

Filter webflow

  1. Regarding security, I understand that filtering a collection list isn’t ideal since it’s possible for a user to display all items, as the filtering is done on the client side. Is there a more secure, yet not overly complex alternative that would only display the Webflow CMS item of the logged-in user without showing other items in the page code? I prefer not to use external tools like Memberstack since everything works well with Webflow collections, and I wish to manage everything in one place.

Could there be a solution using Make (Integromat), Webflow Logic, or the Webflow API ? It would be relatively simple to use SA5 Memberships to display the link to a collection list page dedicated to the user, but theoretically, it would be possible to access this page without logging in. I find it simpler to keep dedicated pages completely empty, eliminating any chance for outsiders to visit these pages and view a user’s data. By staying on the User Account page, logging in is mandatory to display information, and the user can log out. This adds an extra layer of reassurance, as it ensures that upon logging out, their information becomes invisible, unlike a CMS page that would remain visible regardless of the connection status.

Many thanks

A lot to talk about- here’s the current state of things and some options you can pursue.

If you need some dev assistance;

Hello Memetican,

Thank you very much for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:.
I’m already using Finsweet, which is actually the filter I’m utilizing alongside SA5, as demonstrated in the video.

Currently, everything seems to work fine, except for the issue where the Finsweet filter executes before the SA5 user information is received.

Therefore, I’m considering coding a delay before launching the Finsweet filter or simply relaunching the filter after a short period.

I understand all the security concerns you’ve highlighted. This system will primarily be used as an internal solution, plus for some specific clients to show them only the custom products they buy from us (maybe around 30 clients). There’s a very slim chance they could guess another user’s ID; they aren’t developers and even if they were, no sensitive information would be displayed. It’s basically an aesthetic filter that shows dedicated products. However, I agree that for a very large database, this wouldn’t be the ideal solution.

I’ve noticed that Finsweet effectively makes filtered information disappear from the browser as well. It’s unfortunate that Webflow has halted updates on their membership functionality. As it stands, Webflow’s native membership feature is quite limited. Simply adding the ability to display images or files would be very useful. Now, with SA5, I can display and style text information, which is a good start. Thank you for that!

It will. You just need to re-trigger the filter once you have the user’s data.

This will depend on your FS Filter setup, but essentially you’ll set your new filter values with script, and then IIRC trigger it by issuing an input event with bubble = true.