RSVP button visibility depending if user is or is not already RSVP'd

I’m building a member platform with an events RSVP section.

  • I have two forms, one to add an RSVP and one to remove the RSVP for the current user
  • They both trigger a zapier that adds or removes the user id to/from a RSVP multi reference CMS entry using webhooks

now im wondering, can i show the add form when the user id is not in the RSVP multi-reference field, and show the other remove-form when the user is in the multi-reference field?

hope this makes sense!

also i noticed a weird bug: via the webflow api you can add the same multi-reference entry multiple times (sascha is in the list on the site twice), but the cms only shows unique values (sascha only once in the cms)

That sounds arbitrary to me- the API could either see that requests as “failed, because it’s already there”, or “success, it’s in the list, and it was already there”. Both are valid perspectives.

If you queried it and saw duplicate values, I’d view that as a bug, and contact WF.

Yes, but it depends on building your infrastructure to support your basic needs-

  • Get the current user identifier
  • Figure out what users are RSVP’d to the current item
  • Do your back-end add/removes using that same identifier

Then it’s just custom code to decide which form to display.

If you’re using Webflow User Accounts (WUA), then you can use SA5 User Info to extract a current user identifier, such as the AltID. The UserID is also possible but requires our Hyperflow setup.

I don’t know what data structures you have or what you’re using as an identifier, so there are some puzzle pieces you may still need to build.

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i think i figured it out! thanks!!