Pull in User Name and other Custom User Data

I am new to this kind of integration within Webflow. I am a designer and not a developer, so this is a little intimidating. I am trying to personalize an event itinerary page on an event site with the user’s First Name (as a custom field) and a few other custom fields (like personalized itinerary information).

So far, all that I have done is copy-paste Sygnal’s provided code into the Before /body tag area on the page I wish to personalize.

At this point, I’m not sure where/how within the Webflow interface to bind a property to an object/text block. I tried doing it inside of Custom Attributes, but that didn’t work. It wouldn’t let me include quotation marks.

Also, what would I type to make this connection? It seems like they are suggesting: user.data[“first-name”]. (I setup First Name as a custom field within the User template.)

Note: The site has not been published outside of the Staging area, so I’m not sure if that will pose a problem.

Hi Hale,

For a basic implementation, you don’t need to do much.

  • Add the library, to your SITE-wide before-/body area
  • Create your custom attributes and make sure the fields are on your /user-account page
  • Where you want to pull those fields into text elements or input fields, add the custom attribute for the fields you want, e.g. wfu-bind = $user.data.city

That won’t work, it must be site-wide in order to integrate with Memberships.

There aren’t any quotes, custom attributes are key-value pairs, like my example above.

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