Data Binding Only Partially Working

Hi everyone!

Something strange happened: Everything was working fine and suddenly binding now only works partially! I can’t figure out what happened. Has anybody else had a similar issue?

Here the account page

The HTML embed with the bind

And the output
Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 10.34.43

its not binding the $ field. Im having the same issue elsewhere with $

here the preview link if you want to take a peak:

any thoughts or suggestions are hugely appreciated! :pray::heart:

Thanks Sascha,

I suspect you’ve deleted some of the basic user fields from your user account page. Sygnal Attributes relies on those as part of the base user object, which in Webflow is 4 parts;

  • Name
  • Email
  • Opt-in
  • Privacy

You can hide those fields on the page by wrapping them in a DIV with display: none, however if those fields are missing from the page code, the User Info object will fail to build.

I’ll check the docs to make certain that’s clear. I also need to rethink the User Info builder and see if there is an elegant way to handle missing fields.

Yes, that wasn’t covered well in the docs- it was covered well for custom user fields, but not for the base user info object. I’ve added this in;

Thanks so much Michael!

For anyone else thats running into the issue.

If you do delete the Communication Opt-in and add it back in, make sure that the checkbox element has the correct ID (“wf-sign-up-accept-privacy”), otherwise it won’t work either. As Michael mentions the best way to address this is to hide the field not delete it.

One other thing to note is that the error only showed up right after login. it didnt show up on page load, which is why I had missed it.

Im sorry but wfu-bind = “$”
Does not work.

If you check the image you will see that all of the fields are in the account page.

It is possible to get emai and name but no the anything from the custom fields.
I have read the documentation and cant find something that i missed to do.

Why is this?


  • Name
  • Email
  • Opt-in
  • Privacy

You say thesee needs to be put in but webflow blocks me from setting Privacy.
You can only add Name, Email and Opt-in inside of the form.
Privacy is not possible anymore to add in the user account page.

Privacy likely is not one you need. I’m not seeing any errors on sygnal’s site and we do not have that field on our user-account page either.

Super nice with the video. Love the support :+1:

I have exactly that in my account page:

And if you also look at my binding:

And then if you want to see the slug inside of the user profile:

Lastly i dont get any errors in the console, but what you can see is that the input field is empty. It does not fill it with the $

Do you have the scripts installed on that page?
I can have a look but I need your-

Readonly project link, a published site link, and a sample login I can use

This is for where i want to show the data.

This is where the user account is:

This is the input class: Företag besklrivning fält
Here i have the wfu-bind on :slight_smile:

It seems to be working.
But i dont know what i did.

Either it has to do with me publishing on an custom domain OR
That i had to add the custom fileds in the “Register” page as well as the “My Account” page.
In my case i had not added the fields in the “Register” page.

Glad you figured it out.

You don’t need those fields on the register page, and the custom domain doesn’t matter.
My best guess is that you hadn’t logged out and logged back in again after adding the custom fields, so your computer had an old User object cached.

I logged in and out but i think that was not enough to clear the cache.
It was when i change domain to publish i think it really cleared the cache.

But even that should not be to problem because i tried logging in with icognito mode in chrome and it didnt work. So Its a little bit of magic i would say :smiley: