How to implement the CUI in Select tag?

Hi! new user here!

I’m trying to apply the examples in CUI Clonable to put the custom attributes in select/options field in webflow. right now i only see the a text single value from the user info option field

kinda like this:

< select id=“State” name=“State” data-name=“State” required=“” wfu-bind=“$” class=“form_input is-select-input w-select”>TEXAS

has any of you guys tried this? I really appreciate the help.

apologies for this post as i’m no expert in coding

Thank you

Hey Benjie,

I have not tested select-option binding with the User Info library, however that feature is built into wfu-bind so it may work. I can’t recall, it’s been some years since I built that piece.

However in the custom callback function in the User Info lib, you can add a small piece of javascript to set your select to the matching User Info value you want.

Yes you’ll need to write a small piece of JS, to take the user field you want and set your select element to that option value.

I See. Will check this out. and gonna try to figure it out. thanks