User custom field missing on Firefox


Just testing CUI on firefox.
I added the custom fields to the user account page and added this code to a new page:

<!-- Sygnal Attr | User Info -->
<script type="module">
import { WfuUserInfo, WfuUser } from ''; 
import { WfuDataBinder } from ''; 

$(function() {
  var membership = new WfuUserInfo({
    userInfoUpdatedCallback: myCallback

async function myCallback(user) {
  // Automatic data-binding using attributes
  var dataBinder = new WfuDataBinder({
    user: user
  alert(": "+Object.keys("-->"["pfid"])

The page is empty except from that.
On Safari (Version 16.4 (18615., I got an alert showing “User Name: mydata → datavalue”.
On Firefox (111.0.1), I got an alert showing “User Name: -->undefined”

The user object looks like this on Firefox:

accept_communications: true
access_groups: Array []
​​  length: 0
data: Object {  }
email: ""
isLoggedIn: function isLoggedIn()
meta: Object {  }
​​name: "User Name"
user_data_loaded: ​​
  access_groups: false
​​  account_info: true
​​  custom_fields: true
​​  email: true
​​user_id: undefined

Tested on a mac running Ventura 13.3.1

Let me know if I you need more information.

Hi Claire, thanks for your update by email.
Your original post was hidden by Discourse, I know where to find “held” items now.

Based on your questions, I’ve made two additions to the docs;

Some added clarifications around setup for accessing Custom User Fields-

And some details on the User object lifecycle, caching, and how to trigger a re-creation-