Webflow Memberships with Subscription capability for managing User Groups

Hi All,

I recently reached out to Sygnal about a quick question on one of their articles and was told that this might be a good place to ask questions. I have been making good progress on my webflow project but as this is my first time fully completing a subscription/user based website I am wondering where the best place to start is.

I currently run memberships on the site which is fully set up with dashboards and onboarding forms. I am now trying to focus on the stripe integration where my hope is to find a way where Stripe can communicate which users have current subscriptions and this update their group access. Let me know if I’m over looking something simple and point me towards any integration recommendations that are not too costly.


Hey Garrett, this forum is focused on Sygnal Attributes for Webflow. Currently there are four attributes specific to Memberships which you can find the docs on here - scroll down to the WEBFLOW-MEMBERSHIPS section of the TOC.

We don’t have any specific to billing though, as that’s already built in to the Memberships platform. Is there a reason you’re trying to work around it?

If I had a good reason to use stripe directly for a client project the approach I’d take is to look at automation through a platform like Make.com to update Memberships as events happen in Stripe.

However expect quite a bit of manual wiring depending on your use cases-

Site triggers, like user wants to change their plan, or get their payment history
Stripe triggers, like payment failed, plan canceled, card expired, plan changed…

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