Redirect to same page after login

Hi! I’m sorry if this was answered already but I can’t find it through searching this forum.
Is it possible with sa5 memberships to redirect the user to the same page with the Undirected login ?
I have a non restricted page with the option to login in the menu, and I’d like the user to return to the same page wherever they have logged in.

Much thanks in advance!

If you want support, please make certain to include-

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I’ve done this before for a client, and I’m 90% certain it’s in the library, you configure the redirect-after-login path as a single dot ( "." ).

However the project I built it in had a special setup with a login form on every page as part of a top-nav dropdown, so you were already on the page at the point of login, and it was easy to identify the page to redirect to.

Webflow login normally doesn’t work that way, it’s at /log-in, so I don’t know if the . config will work in the standard setup.

You could do this with a custom setup-

  • On entry into the login page, grab the referer and store it in session storage.
  • Redirect after login to a special “/redirect” page.
  • On that page, get the referer from session storage, and redirect to it
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Thanks a lot for such a detailed answer!

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