Data not binding properly

Hi, all, first thank you for SA5’s Webflow Memberships Lib it is much appreciated. I have followed the steps correctly and everything seems to be working fine. I only have two things that are either not working or haven’t been correctly configured.

  1. I am using Javascript and the user data binding to help with some scenarios. So if the user’s data is something do something. My problem is when the user logs in their data doesn’t get bounded properly. But then after a page refresh, it does. Why would this be happening?

  2. Also, when I update a user’s data (through Make with an API call) It doesn’t properly show on the published site. However, in the Webflow Designer, I can see that it has properly been changed. Does it take time for it to be bounded?

Thanks for any help on this.

Hi Mica, SA5 retrieves the user data, builds the user object, and caches it until you next access the site.
It will rebuild that object only when you close all tabs to the site and then re-access it later.

If you update the data by API, there’s no way for SA5 to know it’s been changed, but it will pick those changes up on the next login.

On #1, sounds like you could have a JS configuration error. Make sure that the data you want has been loaded before you try to access it. Assembling the user data is complex so it happens in 4 separate asynchronous phases for maximum performance.

These might help-

Thank you, for your reply. I completely understand and have managed to find a way around this using the Alt ID and something else.

Thanks again for the work you guys do. :+1:t4:

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