Could someone kind please tell me if this is possible using Sygnal?

I am an old C programmer from many years past. I am working on a project that uses Webflow and we need to do this.

"We have a project that requires the construction of Forms in Webflow to send data to an API. Which we have working.

However, we need to access these pages only on successful authentication of the call to access the page, using the same API and keys set in it. The keys will change each time a user attempts to access a page. If the key doesn’t match we should reject it.

If a key is in use the access should also be rejected.



Clarification… something like this.

We want to open a webflow page using a one-use token something like

This token ABC123466 is checked against our API and marked as used. Once “used” it may not be used again.

The token is then made available as an element to identify the session when posting data in a form to our API. So we can identify which session the data belongs.

Our system is responsible for deleting tokens once used.

If an attempt is made to open the page without a valid token the user should be sent to a bad response page. Similarly if the API is not available or there is some other issue.


Is this possible in Sygnal?

Supplemental - Anyone want to build it for us?

Hi Chris, no that’s a custom build, but it’s not especially complicated.

Do you have the API endpoints built? You’d likely want two. From your description I’d imagine they’d be something like;

  • verifyCode simply returns true/false if the code is valid
  • submitForm accepts the form submission, along with the code. Saves/processes the form submission and marks the code as complete.

The rest would be handled by client-side script. This is easiest if your submitForm handler can handle standard webflow form post data.

I’m not sure of your reasoning for this setup, so just want to make it clear that this doesn’t really qualify as any form of “security” that will prevent abuse of your system.

You can direct message me if you are looking for help building this.