Any idea when acces-group-level gating on elements will be added?

Hey! First post on here. I found SA by some posts in Webflow Memberships Circle. Great to see you’re providing solutions for the current limitations of Memberships. I have only just started with it but have mainly 1 burning question atm:

When will acces-group-level gating and acces-group-element-level (if this makes sense) gating be added by you?

I still have very few clients so I want to add an access-group for each client. That way I can build custom dashboards I figured. But I need to link to their dashboards from some kind of navigation, without clients seeing links to other dashboards. Access-group-level gating on elements would solve this perfectly for my current use case, no?

Correct me if I’m wrong and else would love to hear if you have any idea when this feature will be added by you :smiley:



Btw, I am asking because I checked and saw in the table that this feature is under development:

Hey Silvan,

I’ve just posted here regarding this- have a look.