V5.3.14 - Table Embeds from Google Docs

Happy holidays!

We’ve released a long-standing feature that we’ve been using heavily in Sygnal’s own courses over the past year- table embeds from Google Docs.

Create any table in a Google Doc, and have that table automatically extracted, styled and embedded in your Webflow hosted site or rich-text content.

  • Easy to add to your site
  • Place it anywhere you can have an HTML embed element, including within richtext content.
  • Supports the CMS

Why Google Docs?

  • Free
  • Solid, easy to use UX
  • Good table editing, including column/row reordering, adding, and deleting
  • Supports paragraph content in cells
  • Supports images, lists, and links in cells
  • Supports row-spans and col-spans
  • Excellent access controls- you choose who can edit that table
  • Content and style are separate, so it will not pollute your site design
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