Using AI for web design & dev

Who here is using AI for web design or dev?
Any aspect of the site build-

  • Text copywriting, translation, summary, SEO work
  • Artwork - images, SVG’s
  • Video work
  • Coding

I use it to answer web dev questions and tell me what code i’m trying to understand means.

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I’ve found it very good for that too, especially in looking up obscure docs about API integrations and npm libraries quickly.

It does seem to get confused easily on versioning though, and on anything too recent.

I recently upgraded Sygnal’s Webflow browser extension to use the sidebar, and GPT was invaluable. However it just didn’t know enough about manifest v3 which has some major security changes.

Have you tried using copilot?

I’ve tried | somewhat much in the last week with GPT-4 enabled (got 50 free credits on signup) for my whole codebase / project and I’m thinking about subscribing. I actually got so much more done than previously when using GPT-4 on other services (even when in OpenAI’s Playground with solid system messages). I don’t know what they’ve done with it but it got what I wanted it to do almost each time right :melting_face:

You can easily let it check references it with “@” to check files, docs (urls) or just the whole codebase, which you can let it index.

Really fun to watch too when it’s checking all the mentioned assets before answering.

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Cursor’s really interesting- thanks for sharing. I like the way it contextually understands the code you’re working on and is aware of the entire program structure as well.

I added a bunch of reasonably complex features to a Python app last week, and I’ve never used Python before so that was a great test. Besides the syntactical construction details it had a great awareness of the available libraries for solving problems, and suggested them immediately. I would not have even known they existed.

  • Development performance was at least x10
  • It zeroed out the learning curve
  • I learned a solid 2 weeks worth of practical Python knowledge in about 2 hours.

Really efficient not needing to copy-paste between GPT 4 as well.

My big restriction in using cursor regularly though is that it cannot integrate into VS Code directly and cannot support GitHub Codespaces. Most of my dev work for Webflow projects is now done in GitHub Codespaces.

I think right now on my toolshelf, Cursor has a place, but it’s mostly in dealing with projects that are based in a language I’m unfamiliar with. It really shines there.

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