User account info doesn't come up on custom dashboard

Hello there!

I’m currently building a custom dashboard for all clients signing up to my subscription plans.

For the purpose I implemented the custom code to " Get Logged-In User Info" ( see here: Get Logged-In User Info - Sygnal Attributes | Designed for Webflow ). Based on that, the user info from the user account site should be shown on the dashboard.

But since a couple of days there’s no more user info shown on the dashboard. I tryed a lot to fix this. I moved the script from the custom code site settings to the static dashboard site, to the header, to the body tag, added it into the site via embed html element… nothing worked. I’m a graphic designer, not really a dev, so my knowlege about coding is limited, means I’m still learning :slight_smile:

Sign up works, user needs do verify, after that the login can log in and the user gets directed to the dashboard. Here’s the current state of the website:

Somebody any idea what’s wrong? I really don’t know what to do… :frowning:

Thanks upfront for the help! :pray:

Hey Gantz, do you have a login to use I can test it with?

It looks like you have changed your field ID names at some point, which is causing errors in your custom calculation javascript. Thats causing most of the errors.

I can also see that you are getting an error in the User Info library because the /user-account page is missing some fields. In particular, the Accept Communication checkbox is missing.

User Info is designed to load all of the required fields that define a Webflow Memberships user and that’s one of them. You can hide it if you do not want users to see / change it, by wrapping it in a div and marking it as display: none - but it needs to be in the page.