Sygnal Attributes v5

We’ve started work on Sygnal Attributes v5!

You’ll begin seeing some small feature additions initially, and minor feature and interface improvements as we migrate code from v4.

None of this work will affect your current websites. Since all CDN urls are version-locked, you’ll continue to use the same libraries you are using now.

If you choose to switch to the upgraded v5 libraries at some point, you’ll need to update your URLs to reference the new version, and you’ll move them from the before-/body custom code area to the before-/head area to improve overall page load times.

All of this is covered in the docs for each feature, and we’ll update the docs as each library is migrated, so that you can upgrade them if you choose to.

If you’re happy with things as they are and don’t need any of the new features, you don’t need to change a thing.

What’s new in v5?

The reason for the major version number change is that the underlying tech stack will be fully revised.

  • We’re changing from a JavaScript ES6 codebase to TypeScript
  • We’re changing from CSS to SASS.
  • We’re eliminating all use of jQuery in the libraries.
  • We’re separating classes through the library into discrete source files
  • We’re bundling the distributed files differently for even greater efficiency

We’re excited about the tremendous capabilities the new stack gives us.

Migration to v5, if you choose to

When v5 is completed, you should be able to simply reference the new libraries with no changes to your custom attributes or integration, and you’ll still get the extended feature set and performance benefits.


this is very exciting!