I need to get current user email and pass to URL

I need HELP. I am supposed to go live in 4 days.
LET me preface this entire posting: I am NOT an experienced JS programmer.

Situation: I have a membership Webflow app. When a user log’s in they are directed to a WP page that contains an HTML embedded element (JS). This script loads a URL that needs the email address of the current loggin user.

What I have Done:

  1. I installed the Getting Started (LoCode) to the Site Settings - Footer Code of my app because it said that it would be applied before the tag
  2. I added a text element to the WF page and configured it using the wfu-bind = $user.email just so I could make sure the user email was the same as being logged in. This worked.
  3. I then configured my HTML embedded element several ways, but it currently stands as follows:

Nothing! No Alerts, and a blank NewEmail being passed to the URL.

What am I doing wrong?
Shared Link: Webflow - My Diet Made Real
Published Project: https://mydietmadereal.webflow.io/
Page: MDMRAccess/MDMR Auth

Please HELP.


If you want support, please make certain to include-

  1. Your project’s read-only link.
  2. A link to your published project ( webflow.io is fine )
  3. Details on exactly where to look on your site for the problem you’re describing

Hi Lynda,

You have an HTML embed in the middle of the page which has entirely invalid script in it.
I can see it contains excerpts of the User Info setup scripts, but the script tags are broken and it’s in the wrong place. The User Info init code must go in the before-/body section settings.


I can also see you are trying to create some kind of URL here, but it’s not clear what you want the URL to do.

src="https://c1hcr495.caspio.com/dp/66ceb0007ffef5f9beff412fb14f/emb?Email=" + NewEmail>