CMS lightbox Captions Attribute

Hi I am trying to use the lightbox captions. I cloned the project And tested what I wanted to add to a live project and it seems to be working .

But when i try to apply it to this live project
preview link - Webflow - lodge-site
I get errors
Live - lodge-site

Does the collection list have to be a certain structure for this to work? Or are the field names for the captions specific?

Thanks in advance for any help.

If you want support, please make certain to include-

  1. Your project’s read-only link.
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  2. A link to your published project ( is fine )
  3. Details on exactly where to look on your site for the problem you’re describing

For some reason your lightbox HTML is malformed, but it also looks out of sync with your CMS data.

Appreciate that. Webflow is having issues today so I have kind of left it to see if it resolves on its own. I couldn’t see anything on my end I was doing wrong. So appreciate the second set of eyes. The first caption is that the main image and alt possibly. The first link I provided was a working version of this setup. On a clone of your cloneable. The setup being a lightbox main image, lightbox multi-image and lightbox video all linked together in a group. Thanks again for taking a look this setup is fantastic. i don’t understand why Webflow hasn’t improved this component.

I also have that button that opens the lightbox but doesn’t have anything attached. Is that messing it up?

@memetican No that seems to not hurt anything.

added a lightbox link with no image just text and link to group. Works fine in this project. Has to be that live webflow project. Checked the and it is doing the same thing.

A lightbox with no items… that seems like the most likely cause of your missing image and missing alt caption. What happens when you remove that?

I think I could modify the library to look for and ignore missing items, however I’m trying to figure out the best way to test it, since I’m not certain how to recreate your scenario.

Do you want to clone your site and then transfer that copy to my workspace?

Hi Michael

The strange part is it works, just not on that collection in that lodge project.

here is the cloneable of yours

I added my structure to the template page and collection recipes you already have. There is the additional images - multi-image , single image video and the single button link. And it all works.

Nest the lightboxes in other divs shouldn’t affect the outcome since it is looking for the [attribute]

I’m going to start from a clean slate on the template page on the lodge site and see if I can’t duplicate the success of the cloneable. will let you know the progress

appreciate your time.

Webflow - TRM CMS lightbox with captions - 17 February 2023 - Watch Video