V5.2.32 - Smart Tabs + Smart Slider

All of the smart elements are being being centralized into a new SA5 elements library which can be referenced separately from the HTML and core libs.

There are currently 4 Webflow elements we’re enhancing;

  • Tabs
  • Slider
  • Button
  • Lightbox

In this release, the tabs element has been updated;

  • Programmatically navigate next, prev, first, last, or a specific slide #.
  • Receive events when the tab is changed, so you can do other things.

Slider is also moved out of core and into the elements lib.

We’re evolving a “deck” interface for elements which share a deck-style UI. We define that as a series of cards where generally only one is “primary” at a time;

  • Tabs elements
  • Slider elements
  • Accordion elements ( custom )

All of these share the same API interface for next, prev, first, etc.
This way they can be changed out without needing to rewrite your code.