V5.1.1 - Breakpoints

We’ve just released an update with a new Breakpoint-change detection feature, which we needed for some special client projects.

Most importantly for SA5 users though, we were able to use it to beef up Finsweet’s awesome CMS Load feature, so that you can now have Responsive Pagination. Want 12 items per page on desktop, but only 8 on tablet, and 3 on portrait?

No problem. So let’s start with that demo and cloneable;

With this change, we’ve also finalized SA5’s event callback model, which was a big piece of the TypeScript migration roadmap. Full speed ahead.

For those of you into hamming your breakpoints and CSS media queries into submission- we’ve also released a cloneable with our CSS and new SA5 script-based approach, which are both highly useful in different situations.

A second cloneable is here;

And the official docs;

And some added thoughts here on directions we may explore with other forms of CSS Media Queries that go far beyond breakpoints.