SA5 Memberships returning 400 error

I’ve just upgraded to SA5 Memberships after using SA4 successfully for some time. I followed the set up documentation thoroughly, but when trying to pull the user email into a simple text element using a custom attribute, nothing happens.

I pulled everything back to bare bones. A blank page on Webflow. A single text element with wfu-bind and $ (as worked in SA4). I replaced the SA4 code on the site with the SA5 code and put it in the site wide header as instructed.

I also made sure to log out and log in after implementation, and confirmed that the fields are included on the user-account page (I’m even using the ‘email’ field to keep the test as clean as possible - no custom fields).

The only issue that shows up in console is a 400 error on the SA5 script. It can’t access the resource.

This is the simplest of implementations to test that it works, so I’m at a loss as to what is going on.

Read-only link: link:

The specific test page is:

You can log in with a test account:
Password: password

The 400 you’re getting is on your paypal script-

Such timing! I just realised that and disconnected PayPal. In my defence, the error was showing with a red zig zag line underneath the SA5 script in console, not the PayPal script.

That resolves that error but the SA5 problem persists.

I’ll be back in the office next week if you don’t find your configuration issue by then. I’d go back to the cloneable which contains the full setup, with all of the features including custom user fields and access groups.

It’s a two step configuration to bind a user email address using a custom attribute:

  1. Add script library to site wide head custom code in site settings
  2. Add custom attribute to element and bind

I can keep staring at those two steps of the configuration but I don’t think it’s gonna get me anywhere unfortunately :sweat_smile:

I figured it out. See my new thread about a possible revision to the documentation.

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