Memberships sign up/ sign in ERROR

Hello, when i use the Sygnal membership attributes in my website, it works for a few times and then it stops working, and i can’t sign in or sign up in my website and it shows an error message, here is a picture of what’s happening :

can someone help me fix this bug ?

Hi kider,

SA5 doesn’t do anything during registration. It activates on login only.

Webflow has a built-in security mechanism such that if you try to sign-up or log-in too many times within a certain timeperiod, their gateway will start blocking you. In my experience the block lasts 3 hours, and then returns to normal.

But in general, always check the browser console log to see if you have you have a script error or library configuration issue. That will be your first source for useful information. Unfortunately last I checked, Webflow doesn’t present a more descriptive explanation of their security error there, you just get blocked.